Heat pipes for dehumidification

When applied to HVAC, heat pipes provide significant dehumidification enhancement and improve indoor air quality. The additional benefit of energy saving occurs in many situations, especially where reheat is required. Depending on conditions, heat pipes can double the amount of moisture removed by an air conditioner’s cooling coil

SPC has undertaken a research program in conjunction with Brunel University with the aim of providing a novel manufacturing solution. The development is now complete, resulting in the latest version of SPC heat pipes being available at commercial prices and relying on water rather than refrigerant as their working fluid.

The technology developed by SPC is the subject of a worldwide patent, covering the newly developed manufacturing technique.

Refrigerant charged heat pipes have been successfully used for many years and provide significant energy saving benefits to all projects in which they have been incorporated.

Product Manager

Typical environments include swimming pools, HVAC, drying processes, paint-spray booths, laundries, kitchens etc. What’s more, a heat pipe can be treated to withstand corrosive environments with no loss of effectiveness.