Environmentally Sustainable Solution to Cool the Water House Restaurant

Radiant conditioning sails

SPC have supplied ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails to The Water House Restaurant, Hoxton which is owned by the award winning charitable organisation the Shoreditch Trust.

The Leicester-based heating and cooling equipment experts have supplied ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails for the new Water House Restaurant which is the latest idea from eco-friendly restaurateurs Arthur Potts Dawson and Jamie Grainger-Smith. Water House is an offshoot of well known Acorn House restaurant famous for its eco-sensitive theme with energy-saving hydro-carbon fridges.

As an addition to the ground breaking eco-design of the Acorn House, the Water House Restaurant has a new revolutionary high-tech passive cooling system which comprises of ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails to provide the cooling and is linked to a heat exchanger located in the canal next to the restaurant.

During warm periods, the canal water is much cooler than the air inside the restaurant. The ThermaSail System absorbs heat from the restaurant and expels this heat via the closed water circuit linked to the heat exchanger in the canal. A pump circulates the cooled water through the pipe system connecting the ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails to the heat exchanger which dissipates the extracted heat and ensures the restaurant stays cool and fresh during the summer months.

The Shoreditch Trust’s Water House Restaurant located on Orsman Road, London, opened in February this year costing just under £400,000. The restaurant is positioned on the banks of the Regent’s Canal, with its unique heat-transference system using the water from the canal, which provides hot and cold water for the restaurant. The interior has been designed in the same manner as Acorn House, with a modern looking feel with basic wooden-top tables, concrete pillars and an open style kitchen with an almost entirely organic menu.

The kitchen at Water House is entirely electric, powered directly by Scottish hydroelectricity. Fridges are all water based and rainwater is collected for use within the restaurants toilet facilities. Jamie Grainger-Smith, the restaurant director suggests there is a theme to the restaurant, “The whole place is run off water and there is not one bit of fossil fuel being burn.” Hence the name Water House!

The eco-friendly design of the cooling system which includes specially painted perforated ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails as the main cooling element was a concept thought up by Waugh Thistleton Architects and Michael Popper Associates with the installation completed by Wilden Services Limited on behalf of WFC Interior Consultants + Contractors.

SPC’s ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails fill the gap between chilled beams and chilled ceilings, providing the energy efficient radiant cooling of chilled ceilings, together with the convective cooling of chilled beams. The term ‘sail’ is used generally in Europe to describe a floating ceiling feature, and the simple flat surface of the sail which can be almost any shape, colour and size, into which lights and fittings may be integrated, is suspended below the soffit, as a design feature. This opens up an entirely new range of architectural possibilities, whilst combining energy efficient, cooling and heating with ease of installation.

ThermaSails are manufactured from a patented composite aluminium panel which ensures strength, rigidity and high thermal conductivity, whilst at the same time being light and easy to install.

The copper coil is fixed into aluminium extrusions which are in turn mechanically fixed to the topside of the sail, ensuring excellent and reliable heat transfer. The simplicity of the ThermaSail structure enables the high cooling performance.