Order Fan Convectors With EC Motors….And Make An Energy Saving Of Up To 62%

SPC are offering their customers an EC Motor option across the whole range of their popular Belgravia Fan Convectors.

Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to the standard, conventional AC driven motor, and an energy saving of up to 62 % can be realised.

Warwick Taylor, UK Managing Director said;

“Launching EC motors as an option in our fan convectors is part of our commitment to providing energy efficient heating equipment for commercial applications for a ‘greener’ future. We have continued to invest in research and development to improve our products and address carbon reduction, without any compromise on quality.

The huge energy savings provided by EC motors directly translate into large carbon emissions savings. By using an EC motor our customers can dramatically reduce the air pollution (CO2) generated”.

EC motors are quieter than traditional, more inefficient motors, have a longer life span and require less maintenance making them the perfect heating option in schools.