Need A Quick Delivery On Fan Convectors, Coils Or Radiant Panels? We Can Help

SPC are able to help customers meet tight project deadlines by offering a 2 week delivery on fan convectors, heating/cooling coils and radiant panels thanks to an efficient in-house manufacturing process.

Kelvin Davinson, Group Operations Director for SPC said,

“It can be extremely difficult to meet tight deadlines or react to an emergency situation when delivery is required quickly if a manufacturer is not geared up for this requirement. SPC are here to alleviate this problem and our UK based manufacturing facilities and expertise in these product areas mean that we can offer some of the quickest lead times available on bespoke products”.

Over the last 18 months SPC have invested in state of the art machinery, including a £375,000 bespoke tube manipulation machine with the ability to produce the copper tube in one piece, without the need for joints. This eliminates the risk of leakage and reduces the production time of our coil based products by 50%.

Kelvin added;

“We will continue to invest in state of the art machinery in order to offer the best possible products and delivery times to our customers. It’s not just about the ‘now’ but also what we can do for our customers going forward”.

To take advantage of such quick delivery times, you can place your order by email, telephone 0116 249 0044 or fax 0116 249 0033.