SPC Coil Products Launch EC Motors As Standard Across Their Range Of Fan Convectors

Belgravia fan convectors

On orders placed from Monday the 2nd April, Electronic Commutation (EC) motors will be included as standard in SPC Belgravia Fan Convectors.

The range, which includes the Supreme, Classic and Tilevector models will be named ‘Belgravia eco’, with floor, wall and ceiling mounted options available.

Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to conventional AC motor driven fan convectors. These energy savings occur across the range of rotational speeds and are particularly pronounced at low speeds where the efficiency of conventional AC motors decreases markedly.

Specific Fan Power is also significantly reduced when switching to an EC motor. This is the ratio of the power drawn by the motor in Watts to the airflow generated in l/s and gives and indication of the efficiency of the air moving equipment. To comply with the current Part L Building Regulations, there is a maximum SPF figure of 0.6 that must be demonstrated and subsequent revisions to the legislation are likely to significantly reduce this figure.
Warwick Taylor, UK Managing Director for SPC said

“The reason for the switch to EC technology is simple – we have been manufacturing fan convectors for over 30 years, and the product is showing no signs of fading into the background as sales continue to grow. To this end we needed to address the energy efficiency of these products and launched EC motors as an option last year.

He added,

However, SPC are committed to the continued improvement and development of our products and believe that launching EC as standard is the right move for both SPC and our customers going forward”.

Another positive affect of switching to EC motors is the far greater range of heat settings. The new Belgravia eco range gives more control over the temperature and noise levels, thereby providing a ‘whisper mode’ which is perfect for a classroom environment. The AC motors that were previously used in the Belgravia range, only offered 3 heat setting options, making it less flexible for the end user.

Ensuring the use best possible EC technology on the market, ebm-papst EC motors will be used in the Belgravia eco range.

For more information contact your local rep or our internal sales office on 0116 249 0044.