SPC Offer Enhanced Fan Convector To Provide Necessary Heat Output Against Low Water Temperatures

SPC can offer enhanced fan convector to provide necessary heat outputs against low water temperatures

SPC have developed their Belgravia Classic fan convector with the option of enhanced coils to meet the challenge of attaining the necessary heat outputs whilst using lower water temperatures.

When a conventional fan convector is faced with low temperature and/or flow rates then its heat output is seriously affected and the coil heat exchanger within the unit struggles to provide the required heating rate.

With lower water temperatures becoming more common as it is a more eco-friendly option than higher water temperatures, SPC wanted to ensure that they can offer their customers a solution to attaining heat outputs.

Richard Meskimmon, Technical Manager for SPC said

“A conventional fan convector is designed to provide its rated output against conventional boiler flow and return temperatures (typically 80/70°C). Increasingly, however, the high boiler temperature and high water flow rates associated with conventional boilers are being replaced by lower return water temperatures suited to high efficiency condensing boilers with correspondingly lower water flow rates. In addition, new sustainable heat sources such as heat pumps are being used to generate the hot water for heating and these systems rely on low water flow and return temperatures in order to achieve a high efficiency”.

He added

“To this end we now offer 3 different coil options within the Belgravia Classic fan convectors. The standard coil is ideal for use against conventional boiler temperatures, the enhanced coil is intended for use against lower water temperatures while the lowflow coil is suitable for low water flow rates or a combination of low flow rate and temperature”.

Fan convectors can be utilised in churches, schools, colleges, libraries, sports halls, hotels, boardrooms, hospitals, leisure centres, and a wide range of shops, offices, and industrial buildings

For more information contact the sales office on 0116 249 0044 or spc@spc-hvac.co.uk