SPC Offer Expert Coil Technical Advice And Free Coil Selection Software To Make Life Easier For Their Customers

SPC2000 Coil Selection Software

With over 30 years experience of manufacturing coil heat exchangers, SPC are able to offer their customers free coil selection software and expert advice from the earliest stages of design, helping their projects to run as smoothly as possible.

Along with these services they use state of the art machinery, an in-house manufacturing facility and high quality materials to ensure they are offering the best quality products and service to their customers.

Warwick Taylor, UK Managing Director of SPC said

“We have an excellent technical department with unrivalled knowledge when it comes to coil design advice and the online selection software is easy to use and readily available on our website day and night. We want our customers to know that these services are available to them and that we will assist them in any way we can”.

SPCs online software selection programme (SPC2000) gives the customer the freedom to select their own water, steam and refrigerant coils. The program tells you the size of the optimum heat exchanger for your design data – and provides a budget product cost.

The latest vertion of the software allows you to store and print all the on-screen data as multiple selections. It also includes add-ons for generating data sheets in Microsoft Word, psychrometric data and fluid properties.

To access the selection programme visit http://www.spc-hvac.co.uk and select the Software link. To speak to our technical team call 0116 249 0044.