SPC Provide Heating Solution To Help Derbyshire School Make Significant Energy Savings

SPC have supplied 18 energy efficient Belgravia Supreme fan convectors as part of a refurbishment programme at Park House Primary School in Derbyshire.

The Belgravia Supreme eco range of fan convectors include EC motors as standard. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to conventional AC motor driven fan convectors. These energy savings occur across the range of rotational speeds and are particularly pronounced at low speeds where the efficiency of conventional AC motors decreases markedly.

Kevin Boulter, SPC said

“Derbyshire County Council and SPC have an excellent working relationship; we have been supplying fan convectors for their school refurbishment projects for many years. When I approached them about switching to EC motor technology as standard they were immediately on board as they could see the potential for significant energy savings”.

Paul Spenser, Project Engineer for Derbyshire County Council said

“We specify SPC fan convectors because we know that they are reliable, robust and quick on delivery. We were approached by SPC before they launched EC motors as standard to see what our feelings were towards the change and of course we were delighted to be offered a product with significant energy savings at no extra cost to us – who wouldn’t be happy with that”.

The SPC Belgravia Supreme eco range of fan convectors have been specifically designed for schools and include sloping tops, pencil proof grilles, robust casings, lockable access panels and tamperproof controls. They are the perfect for refurbishment projects, are on a 2 week delivery and carry a 5 year warranty.

To download the Belgravia Supreme eco data sheet visit our website www.spc-hvac.co.uk, or to enquire about a free site survey contact the SPC sales office on 0116 249 0044.