SPC Help The NHS Save Six Gigawatts In Energy Costs!

SPC have supplied in partnership with their Scottish distributor Heating Appliances and Spares Ltd (HASL) Heat Recovery and Steam Frost Protection Coils with Blygold corrosion protection to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Recovering in excess of 1385kW at the rated total ventilation rate of 111m3/s, the headline annual energy saving is 6089318 kWh, showing a significant financial saving and contribution to reducing the site carbon footprint. The CO2 reduction is approximately 1200 tonnes based on the heat recovered replacing natural gas.

The project involved the replacement of heat recovery coils and the addition of frost protection heating coils in the high level main ventilation intakes at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Due to the location of the installation, SPC / HASL worked closely with the contractor Taylor & Fraser Limited, carrying out a number of site surveys prior to replacement of the existing heat recovery coils.

Bruce MacKinnon of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde commented,

I can certainly say that as a client we were extremely satisfied with the efforts made to supply a quality product designed to minimise installation issues and that will survive the rigors of the intake environment thus enabling the site to function even when the external conditions are challenging.

Access to the main intake plant room is limited and replacement coils were supplied in modules and sizes to ensure that site work during installation could be minimised. The frost protection coils were supplied with integral filter frames designed to allow standard filter pads to be fitted and maintained despite the limited access. Heat recovery coils are piped to a series of extract coils in the main ward block of the hospital.

Having worked effectively since 1992 a number of the existing SPC heat recovery coils, previously specified by FLN Consulting Engineers and supplied by HASL, required replacement due to a loss of performance resulting from repair work carried out to rectify frost damage.

To protect against extremes of temperature experienced during operation and aggressive contamination from the local environment, being situated near a major motorway, the new frost coils incorporate widely spaced aluminium fins protected with a Blygold coating which offers a 5 year guarantee against corrosion and performance loss.

To download a data sheet visit our website www.spc-hvac.co.uk, or to enquire about a free site survey contact the SPC sales office on 0116 249 0044.