SPC Achieve Full Building Information Modelling (Bim) Compliance Across All Products

Active BIM

SPC has achieved full Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance with SPC’s Active-BIM objects now available to load into your Revit model using a supplied type catalogue holding all the project specific information configured by SPC’s selection program at the design and quotation stage.

SPC offers Active BIM objects for Radiant Panels, Radiant Conditioning Sails, MINIB Trench Heaters, Belgravia Fan Convectors, Coil Heat Exchangers, Ultraviolet Air and Object Sterilisers and Heat Pipes, with various configurations and specifications included in the modelling.

BIM is a rich 3D experience that enables specifiers and contractors to plan and design buildings using digital simulations, rehearsing all the stages of the design and build process before construction starts.
Neil Hudson I.T Manager of SPC said

“As a manufacturer we wanted to make the process of BIM as easy as possible for our customers. We know that their time is precious and so we have invested in producing ‘Active-BIM’ on our suite of product selection tools to make process of incorporating manufacturers BIM objects and data as quick and easy as possible. We are proud to be the first manufactures to offer it with this level of integration”.

The modelling can be shared between the various parties involved in the build which streamlines the process, increasing efficiency, saving money and reducing risks. For example, an engineer is able to use information sourced from the architect to prepare energy calculations.

BIM objects can be used at the modelling stage to determine the right specifications of components, the sizes required and, when it comes to such things as heating outputs best suited to the project. This information is then stored in the model and passed onto the facilities management team to help maintain the building during its lifecycle.

SPC’s Active BIM objects are detailed enough for architects, designers and contractors to experiment with various sizes and types of components to make sure they are exactly right before ordering. The data provided with the Active BIM objects also reduces the time spent inserting project specific data into the Revit model saving both time and money.

More detailed information and specifications can be found on the SPC website www.spc-hvac.co.uk