SPC Launch Thermabeam: A Viable Alternative To A Chilled Beam

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Leicester-based specialists S & P Coil Products Ltd has launched a new, low-energy radiant conditioning beam which is a viable alternative to chilled beams.

Thermabeam is a new, innovative solution for cooling and heating and has a unique combination of 3 products in 1: its high-performance cooling beam uses higher water temperatures of 16/18⁰C, its energy-efficient heating sail uses lower water temperatures of 40⁰C, and has an acoustic sound raft.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by SPC, the new Thermabeam radiant conditioning beams has an enhanced cooling capability due to an extra cooling coil positioned centrally in the sail.

Thermabeam also has the added advantage of a coil which produces a strong buoyancy-driven flow of cool air down through the coil fins adding to the radiant cooling effect of the sail. The large radiant surface area is retained, meaning a lower temperature and therefore an energy saving compared to a conventional passive chilled beam.
Speaking ahead of the launch of Thermabeam at an event in London, SPC Ltd Managing Director Warwick Taylor said: “We’re delighted to launch this product to market and believe Thermabeam will become a viable alternative to chilled beams.

“There are many benefits to this new system. It’s ceiling mounted, meaning it frees up floor space and its lightweight design means its easy to install.

“Because it has no moving parts, Thermabeam is very low maintenance with a long-life expectancy and due to it being made from aluminium and copper, Thermabeam is 100% recyclable.”

Warwick added: “We’re very confident indeed that Thermabeam will be a game-changer for anyone who is looking for an alternative to chilled beams.”

For more on Thermabeam, its options and standard engineering specification, visit www.spcoils.co.uk or why not call +44 (0)116 249 0044 to speak to our technical team.