SPC’s Revolutionary Thermabeam Is Now BIM Compliant

Thermabeam Radiant Conditioning Beam

SPC are delighted to announce that their Thermabeam Radiant Conditioning Beams are now fully BIM compliant.

This new addition to the company’s Active BIM (Building Information Modelling) range means designers and architects can now load Thermabeam objects into their Revit model using the company’s supplied type catalogues.

Thermabeam is the latest SPC product to achieve BIM compliance, bringing it into line with the company’s other Active BIM objects such as Radiant Conditioning Sails, MINIB Trench Heaters, Belgravia Fan Convectors, Coil Heat Exchangers, Ultraviolet Air and Object Sterilisers and Heat Pipes – all supplied with various configurations and specifications included in the modelling.

For designers and architects, the benefits of using Active BIM are substantial:

  • Time savings: all selected data is transferred easily via ‘drag and drop’ into the Revit model. On the National Graphene Institute project, the project designer could have spent several hours manually typing data for the coil objects. But by using our Active BIM coil objects, this was achieved in a matter of seconds rather than hours.
  • Reduced human error: by adopting our Active BIM approach, which presents data from SPC’s selection programs in the form of type catalogues, this reduces human error and leads to a dramatic reduction in design mistakes – essential for a fully-designed BIM level 2 project.
  • BIM Level 2 compliance: All SPC Active BIM objects are fully compliant to BIM level 2 data and are developed to be used within the Autodesk Revit design software.
  • Giving the user what they want: type catalogues are generated with all the selected data a design engineer needs, rather than the full list of options available for that equipment type. The design engineer would then have to insert project specific data potentially adding hours of data input to the project for all the items in the model.

Thermabeam is a state-of-the-art, low-energy solution for cooling and heating. Due to its silent operation and excellent acoustic properties, Thermabeam is a natural choice for buildings such as offices, education and conference facilities. It offers a unique, flexible, architectural design with sails sized, shaped and coloured to suit any internal concepts.

Thermabeam Radiant Conditioning Beams have enhanced cooling capability due to an extra cooling coil positioned centrally in the sail. The coil produces a buoyancy-driven flow of cool air down through the coil fins adding to the radiant cooling effect of the sail, allowing a cooling capacity of up to 175 W/m2.

For more on SPC’s Active BIM Objects and the Thermabeam product, visit http://www.spc-hvac.co.uk or call +44 (0)116 249 0044.