SPC Receive World Wide Patents For Their Revolutionary Water Heat Pipe Manufacturing Technology

Water heat pipe

SPC have successfully achieved European, UK, Chinese and Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) patents of their one of a kind water heat pipe manufacturing technology.

Heat Pipes are the most effective passive method of transferring heat available today. In their simplest form, a sealed tube (usually copper) is evacuated and charged with a working fluid. Heat transfer occurs along the length of the heat pipe without the need for energy input and against very low temperature differences.

Refrigerant charged heat pipes have been successfully used for many years and provide significant energy saving benefits to all projects in which they have been incorporated. While refrigerant provides a convenient medium for the manufacture of heat pipes, it has long been understood that if water could be used then not only would this provide a greener solution but it would also allow improvements in heat pipe efficiency.

Following a 2 year research project in conjunction with Brunel University, SPC found water heat pipes to demonstrate substantial performance improvements compared to conventional refrigerant heat pipes. Since the completion of the project, water heat pipes have had significant success throughout the Middle East and India.

There are many benefits to using water heat pipes including;

  • High efficiency heat transfer
  • Increase energy efficiency of processes involving the dehumidification of outside air
  • Energy recovery with no cross contamination of airstreams
  • Reduced running costs and fast payback
  • Indirect free cooling with small footprint/pressure drops
  • Zero refrigerant

Allan Westbury CEO of SPC said

“SPC have been manufacturing heat pipe based technology systems for the HVAC industry for over 30 years. Our technical expertise has enabled us to research and manufacture this innovative water heat pipe system that has resulted in a product that is suitable for both dehumidification and heat recovery purposes for projects throughout the world.

We are delighted with the patents that we have received and we will continue to utilise our knowledge to strive towards greener and more efficient products for the HVAC industry”.

SPC currently manufacture their water heat pipe products in their UK factory but work is underway to enable production in their factory in the UAE. A CIBSE approved CPD titled ‘Saving energy and the environment with the latest development in heat pipe technology’ is available on request.

For any enquiries regarding heat pipes please contact SPCs technical sales office on 0116 249 0044