The stylish Airdor Elite provides powerful overhead heating to doorways and entrances. The warm air curtains help to counteract cold draughts flowing into the building through open doors, maintaining a comfortable environment and minimising heat losses to the outside.

With bevelled edges and moulded end panels, the Airdor Elite warm air curtain can be installed above the door in the horizontal or vertical orientation and be either free-hanging/exposed or recessed/concealed.

AIRDOR Elite air curtains image

AIRDOR Elite air curtains

Our Airdor Elite air curtains are available in a number of sizes, configurations and outputs in LPHW or electric heated formats. The styles comprise of 1m and 1.5m modules which can be joined together to work with, for example, a 2m wide door. The recessed/concealed styles can be fitted within a typical suspended ceiling grid within a plasterboard…

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