Belgravia fan convectors are available in a range of styles and configurations, allowing them to best meet the requirements of different operating conditions and environments.

For example:

  • Low level floor or wall installation – exposed or cased, recessed or concealed
  • Horizontal or ceiling installation – exposed or cased, recessed or concealed
  • High level wall mounted installation which blows down – exposed or cased.

All of our Belgravia fan convectors utilise the most energy efficient ECDC fan motors which significantly reduces overall running costs, ultimately providing the user with significant savings over the unit’s lifetime.

Low surface temperature units and those suitable for use with condensing boilers and heat pumps not only supply heat but control fresh air in an energy efficient manner, as per BB93, BB101 and EFA FOS.

SPC have developed a low surface temperature (LST) control system for use with its fan convector range. The new controller ensures that surface temperatures remain below the threshold above which there is a risk to vulnerable occupants. According to NHS guidelines this is taken as being equal to 43°C.  Click Here for more details.

Although primarily utilised in schools Belgravia fan convectors are suitable for use in a wide range of sectors. Contact your local rep for a free site survey.

Belgravia Classic fan convectors image

Belgravia Classic fan convectors

The Belgravia Classic fan convectors are so named because the traditional design has been used over many decades in thousands of schools nationwide. Like the Belgravia Supreme fan convectors robust casing is designed to withstand the rigours of school life. There are four different widths, each available in several styles and suitable for exposed/cased or…

Belgravia Supreme fan convectors image

Belgravia Supreme fan convectors

Belgravia Supreme fan convectors are, in our opinion, the best looking fan convector on the market. The absence of any sharp corners and its ergonomically rounded design means that it is ideally suited to environments where appearance and safety are paramount. For this reason it is currently used in thousands of schools across the country,…

Belgravia Natural Convectors image

Belgravia Natural Convectors

The Belgravia Natural distributes heat by natural draught convection. It’s quiet, has low surface temperature and is virtually maintenance-free. The Belgravia Natural is ideal for environments where safety and low noise are all-important. With low weight and water content, the Belgravia Natural’s heat exchanger is quick to reach full emission, yet retains very little heat…

Belgravia TileVector fan convectors image

Belgravia TileVector fan convectors

The Belgravia TileVector is a ceiling cassette heater that is designed to fit within a standard suspended ceiling grid.  The hinged grille, which combines both discharge and return air, provides easy access to the fans, coil and filter. The combination of air throw and heat output rapidly warms the space. The LPHW unit generates up…

Active Control for Low Surface Temperature Fan Convectors image

Active Control for Low Surface Temperature Fan Convectors

Fan Convectors are a great heating option for communal spaces. Their energy efficiency and easy to clean surfaces make them ideal in lots of settings. However elderly, disabled or vulnerable people could be at additional risk around fan convectors. People with limited mobility and balance can fall and become trapped against the fan convector’s surface.…

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SPC supply the perfect heating solution to a striking Northampton church

British manufacturer SPC, have supplied Belgravia supreme fan convectors to St Giles Church in Northampton. Due to its architecturally striking features, the design engineers required brown and white units that were stylishly curved in design to fit in with the surroundings. John Howes, Midlands Area Sales Manager for SPC said “A fan convector means that…

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SPC supply robust fan convectors to refurbished school project

SPC, a British manufacturer of heating and cooling coils, fan convectors, trench heaters and radiant panels have supplied a number of Belgravia Supreme and Classic fan convectors to a recently refurbished school in Northamptonshire. M&E Consultants, Parsons Associates, chose SPCs renowned Belgravia fan convectors to heat the school; the perfect solution to provide energy efficient…

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Order Fan Convectors With EC Motors….And Make An Energy Saving Of Up To 62%

SPC are offering their customers an EC Motor option across the whole range of their popular Belgravia Fan Convectors. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to the standard, conventional AC driven motor, and an energy saving of up to 62 % can be realised. Warwick Taylor, UK Managing Director said;…

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SPC Achieve Full Building Information Modelling (Bim) Compliance Across All Products

SPC has achieved full Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance with SPC’s Active-BIM objects now available to load into your Revit model using a supplied type catalogue holding all the project specific information configured by SPC’s selection program at the design and quotation stage. SPC offers Active BIM objects for Radiant Panels, Radiant Conditioning Sails, MINIB Trench…

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SPC Coil Products Launch EC Motors As Standard Across Their Range Of Fan Convectors

On orders placed from Monday the 2nd April, Electronic Commutation (EC) motors will be included as standard in SPC Belgravia Fan Convectors. The range, which includes the Supreme, Classic and Tilevector models will be named ‘Belgravia eco’, with floor, wall and ceiling mounted options available. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings…

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SPC Provide Heating Solution To Help Derbyshire School Make Significant Energy Savings

SPC have supplied 18 energy efficient Belgravia Supreme fan convectors as part of a refurbishment programme at Park House Primary School in Derbyshire. The Belgravia Supreme eco range of fan convectors include EC motors as standard. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to conventional AC motor driven fan convectors. These…

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