COVID 19 Virus Update from SPC

In light of the latest guidance from the Government it is with considerable regret that SPC have taken the decision to temporarily close all of our sites until further notice. Our priority is to protect our employees and our customers and to ensure we play our part in helping to reduce the any further spread of this terrible virus.

With this in mind, SPC will implement a business shutdown from 3rd April for three weeks. The position will be reviewed during the shutdown period, and amended in line with further government directives if necessary.

During the business shutdown, please send your emails and enquires through to our main email address enquiries@spc-hvac.co.uk and these will be answered as soon as possible.

We kindly ask that any deliveries scheduled / planned within this time period be delayed until further notice. As soon as we have an update and our factory and offices re-open we will contact you with a view to reschedule manufacturing and deliveries.

SPC and its staff would like to thank you for your continued support and we hope that it will not be too long before we can welcome you back trading with SPC.

Genuinely from everyone at SPC, we hope all of our customers and their families stay safe, together we will get through this.

Steve Gage – Managing Director

Heat Pipes (water and refrigerant) rapidly transfer heat several thousand times faster than a copper rod. They are an energy-efficient thermal superconductor with no moving parts, transferring high rates of heat energy across extremely small temperature gradients.

Heat Pipes (water and refrigerant) are the most effective passive method of transferring heat available today. In their simplest form, a sealed tube (usually copper) is evacuated and charged with a working fluid. In the case of Heat Pipes for HVAC purposes, refrigerants such as R134A are currently used, though water is now available as an alternative from SPC.

Apart from air conditioning, heat pipes have been used in many applications, including the cooling of casting dies, electronic circuitry, nuclear powered generators, energy conservation, defrosting applications and in the food industry. Heat pipes are increasingly being specified for high density cooling applications such as data centres and other areas of IT.

SPC have been supplying heat pipe based heat recovery systems to the HVAC industry for over 30 years and our broad knowledge allows us to provide the very best solutions for our customers.

Heat pipes for dehumidification image

Heat pipes for dehumidification

Heat pipes for dehumidification When applied to HVAC, heat pipes provide significant dehumidification enhancement and improve indoor air quality. The additional benefit of energy saving occurs in many situations, especially where reheat is required. Depending on conditions, heat pipes can double the amount of moisture removed by an air conditioner’s cooling coil

Heat pipes for heat recovery image

Heat pipes for heat recovery

Heat pipes for heat recovery The heat energy in waste air is valuable. With a heat pipe, you can recover most of it for free. Changing the air in occupied buildings has an expensive side-effect: the heat energy that you pumped into the building escapes with the air and the fresh air that replaces it…

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