Heating and cooling coils are at the heart of many commercial and industrial applications. SPC has been designing and manufacturing coils for rapid heat transfer for more than three decades.

We manufacture heating and cooling coils for just about any industrial or commercial application. Our coils come in three types defined by the medium for heat transfer: water, steam, and refrigerant. In addition, for complete heating flexibility, we offer a range of electric heater batteries.

We offer a replacement and repair service for coils in existing air handling units or ducted systems; providing a cost effective way of extending the life of existing air plant and free site surveys for replacement or damaged coils that cannot be removed from the system.

With technical expertise in heat transfer, a dedicated product manager, BIM objects for all coil products and industry leading self selection software, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Water coils image

Water coils

Water coils for heating and cooling consist of a matrix of copper tubes through which water flows. The tubes run back and forth between two end-plates in an arrangement that lets the air flow perpendicularly to the tubes.   The tubes pass through – and are attached to – a layered array of thin metal…

Refrigerant coils image

Refrigerant coils

SPC design and manufacture condenser and DX (evaporator) coils to suit commonly used refrigerants: R410a, R134a, R407c and R32a etc. Refrigerant coils terminate in plain copper tails sized to suit the capacity and number of circuits.

Steam coils image

Steam coils

SPC manufacture steam coils for use against working pressures of up to 8 bar g (175 deg C). All steam coils are manufactured from thick walled copper tubes (16mm diameter) and heavy gauge copper headers with flow drilled holes for a strengthened joint.

Run around coils image

Run around coils

The following software is available: Online Coil Selection Program

Reclaim Plus pump packs image

Reclaim Plus pump packs

The Reclaim Plus pump packs are available in two models, the 2L and 6L. The pump packs have been optimised for use with run-around coupled coil heat exchangers.

Electric heater batteries image

Electric heater batteries

SPC offer a full range of electric heater batteries which come complete with electric elements of Incoloy, 800 stainless steel sheaths which can be banked together in a number of stages if required (1ph & 3ph available). Duties available from 0.5 to 400kW. All heaters supplied with high temperature thermal cut-out, available with manual or…

Replacement heating and cooling coils image

Replacement heating and cooling coils

SPC have noteworthy technical expertise in replacement heating and cooling coils, ensuring we are at the forefront of the industry. We have over 30 years’ experience in coil replacement and manufacture and as leading experts, we ensure that every stage from design through to manufacture is of the highest quality along with the right technical support…

SPC saves the day with quick turnaround on replacement AHU coils

SPC, a British manufacturer of heating and cooling coils, fan convectors, trench heaters, radiant panels and heat pipes, have supplied a quick turnaround multi-section coil to Merseyside Maritime Museum in Albert Dock, Liverpool. The Museum required a specialist solution for a site with access issues and a corrosive marine environment. SPC were approached by the…

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SPC revamps leading coil specification tool

SPC has launched a new and improved version of its original tool for coil specification and costing. Now accessible online on any device, its Online Coil Selector helps specifiers to get an instant quote, BIM objects and data for sizing related heating and cooling system equipment, for any project. Available for free via http://coil.spc-hvac.co.uk, the…

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New Coil Heat Exchanger Brochure Now Available….

SPC are a well established manufacturer and supplier of heating and cooling coils to suit water, refrigerant/steam fed systems, and electric heater batteries. SPC also offer solutions for heat recovery systems with our run around coils and associated pumps packs. As an alternative, heat pipe heat recovery devices can be designed around your application. As world…

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New Version Available – SPC Coil Selection Program – SPC2000

SPC have released the latest version of the SPC2000 Coil Selection program. The new version includes updates to material prices which have reduced in recent months. Please ensure you download the latest version to take advantage of the reductions plus the usual bug fixes associated with a software update.

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