The Belgravia Classic fan convectors are so named because the traditional design has been used over many decades in thousands of schools nationwide. Like the Belgravia Supreme fan convectors robust casing is designed to withstand the rigours of school life.

There are four different widths, each available in several styles and suitable for exposed/cased or recesssed/conclealed applications, as well as LST and condensing boiler/heat pump variants.

It provides up to 15kW heat output at standard operating conditions.  Thermostats and switches are available as standard.

Vertical Fan Convectors are used for low level floor/wall applications.

Horizontal Fan Convectors are either exposed/cased for ceiling mounted applications or recessed/concealed for ceining void applications.

Inverted Fan Convectors are used for high level wall mounted applications.

For alcove applications, where the front of the unit is flush with the adjacent walls.

Concealed Fan Convector for installation in existing convector housing.

Custom designed to replace existing vertical cabinet heaters without the need to disturb the fabric of the building.

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Belgravia fan convectors have been widely used in schools, colleges and academies for over three decades. Year after year they have quickly and silently heated classrooms and controlled temperatures with virtually no maintenance.

For infant schools, the LST variant provides an even safe means of heating the classrooms due to surface temperatures never rising above 43 degrees. In classrooms where wall space is at a premium, Belgravia fan convectors occupy much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output, in addition to being more responsive than underfloor heating.

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By quickly heating up a room and then controlling the temperature with virtually no noise, Belgravia fan convectors play a key part in providing comfort for patients and resident in hospitals, health centres and nursing homes.

The LST variant is particularly valued where safety of the elderly and frail is paramount. They require minimal maintenance and occupy less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output, whilst being more responsive than underfloor heating.

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Office and commercial

The Belgravia Supreme is a widely admired unit often used in reception areas, offices and meeting rooms. The fan convectors quickly heat up the required space and control the temperature with virtually no noise or maintenance.

The units also ensure that rooms are provided with a fresh supply of air, to prevent those long meetings from becoming stuffy. They occupy much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output and are more responsive than underfloor heating.

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The Belgravia Tile Vector is often used in entrance areas and small convenience stores to unobtrusively heat exposed spaces. It is the perfect space saving option, leaving the retail floor space to be utilised to its maximum capacity.

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