SPC offer a full range of electric heater batteries which come complete with electric elements of Incoloy, 800 stainless steel sheaths which can be banked together in a number of stages if required (1ph & 3ph available).

Duties available from 0.5 to 400kW. All heaters supplied with high temperature thermal cut-out, available with manual or auto reset to suit. Auto reset cut-outs also available with additional contact for connection to warning light or control panel.

Rectangular electric heater batteries are manufactured with casings made from grey stove enameled 18g mild steel.

Circular electric heater batteries are manufactured from 18g galvanised steel with dimensions to suit duckwork.

Coils find employment whenever there is a requirement to heat, cool or dehumidify air. HVAC applications include original equipment manufacturers who place our coils at the heart of their air-handling units, fan coils, air curtains, laundry equipment, and VAV boxes.

SPC’s coils are also commonly found within the ductwork or the central plant room of shopping malls, offices, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and clean rooms. Others perform key functions within industrial processes such as drying, blast freezing, and material temperature control.







The following software is available: