You may be aware that gas boilers will soon become like Nokia phones were in the 90’s, a forgotten technology?

Almost all new build properties will be moving to alternative renewable heat source technology such as air source or ground source heat pumps.

Heat Cloud is a high-tech radiant panel using the latest D Tube heat transfer technology in conjunction with light aluminium sheet and thin gauge copper tube. The panels offer efficient heating performance from low water temperature systems along with low inertia and fast response times.

  • Heat cloud is a first fit item within modular & traditional build homes
  • Heat cloud works on the radiant heating principle used in many radiant panel projects
  • The panels are concealed behind plasterboard and other materials such as metal ceilings
  • It will free up wall space in the whole dwelling
  • Heat up time is very quick and is much more efficient than underfloor heating (30 degrees in 2 mins)
  • The product is manufactured in Aluminium & copper , therefore it can be recycled
  • If you reverse the cycle on the Heat pump or condensing heat emitter it will deliver seasonal cooling in the summer as well.
  • It is priced competitively and again is a cost effective option against underfloor heating which has a slow response time and an almost uncontrollable Hysteresis.
  • Heat Cloud systems are easy & quick to install (almost the same as plumbing in a visible radiator)
  • Heat Cloud has been used extensively in France, Germany & mainland Europe for 20 years!

The panels are simple to install, low weight, low water volume and totally recyclable. Available in bespoke sizes and a range of pipe configurations,

Heat Cloud fits within the building’s ceilings, walls or a combination of both. By utilising side profiles and/or a retaining clip system, Heat Cloud sits within the building’s sub-structure without reducing the ceiling height or room dimensions and is invisible to the occupants.

For more information or help with your Heat Cloud radiant panel project, please contact our product expert Dave Jones on the contact details below.

SPC Heat Cloud Video

See below a link for our latest video on Heat Cloud. Here you will be able to learn more about radiant technology and also the journey you will take!

SPC Heat Cloud Video

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