Fan Convectors are a great heating option for communal spaces. Their energy efficiency and easy to clean surfaces make them ideal in lots of settings. However elderly, disabled or vulnerable people could be at additional risk around fan convectors. People with limited mobility and balance can fall and become trapped against the fan convector’s surface. If exposed to it for a long period there is a risk of injury. In addition people with sensory issues or nerve damage may be in contact with the surface for a long period without realising the damage to their skin.

To improve safety and make sure a wider range of spaces can benefit from fan convection heat, we created Active LST Control, suitable for use on
all sizes of our Belgravia Style A range.

A step change in Fan Convector technology

Unlike other fan-assisted low surface temperature fan convectors, our Active LST
Control limits the temperature the casing reaches. Built-in sensors monitor the casing temperature at it's hottest points which are the outlet grille and the top panel.

This temperature data is fed back to an independent, automated valve which opens and closes in direct response. Closing the valve reduces the hot water flow rate, which in turn reduces or maintains the casing surface temperature.

As with all of our products, Active LST Control has been rigorously tested to ensure it performs to standard. The chart beneath demonstrates surface temperatures measured over time for an SPC Fan Convector using Active LST Control.

NHS Compliant at 43 Degrees

We followed official NHS Guidelines when choosing the temperature limits of our Active LST Control. In-line with their guidelines a maximum temperature of 43 degrees has been set. This means consultants, installers and contractors can have total confidence in specifying and installing a safe, compliant and industry leading solution.

To further enhance safety all Active Control LST Fan Convectors are available with rounded ends to protect users from impact injury.

Easy to Install

The temperature sensors and automated valve are all pre-installed in our Active Control LST units. This means there is no additional pipework or wiring needed to install them.

There are no additional order requirements or time required on site.

  • Meets NHS Guidelines by limiting casing to 43˚.

  • Suitable for Hospitals, Care Homes or around vulnerable people.

  • No additional pipework or wiring.

  • Surface temperature and heating capacity controlled independently.

  • Can be implemented on the all sizes of our Belgravia Style A range.

  • Available with rounded ends for enhanced safety.

  • UK Manufacture for fast lead times and support.

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