A Trench Heating solution for every application

Trench heating is the idea solution in spaces which use large areas of glazing, where wall space is minimal or where an unobtrustive heating system is particularly important.

However, because traditional Trench Units require pipework and a low temperature how water heating system, there are applications where traditional Trench systems are not viable. In these situations Electric Trench Heating is the perfect solution.

Units are supplied, as standard, with aluminium roll-up grilles. Blades are optionally available in a range of anodised colours and can be provided in stainless steel. We also offer Anolok finish grilles, Because our units are made in-house in our Leicester factory, we can accommodate most custom size and finish requests including curves and corners,

High power matched by high safety

Electric Trench Heating units utilise electrical 230 Volt heat exchangers in place of a LTHW system. The heating elements are constructed from ceramic PTC which allows them to self-regulate and prevent over-heating. Should the elements or the casing become too hot the unit will cut out long before a hazard occurs.

Depending on your chosen configuration, one or more EC/DC crossflow fans will be inside the unit. The fan speed is set at an appropriate level for the heat output to ensure that the elements are exposed to sufficient cooling air.

Fast and simple to install

Our Electric Trench heating units are supplied in 1.2mm thick mild steel casings. The casings come complete with knock out sections so that electric cables can be easily connected.

Fine adjustment leveling screws at all four corners make level installation quick. Plus all units are supplied with transverse bracing pieces and a protective cover for use during installation.

Why Choose Metropolitan Electric Trench Heating?

  • Use in the absence of an LTHW Heating System

  • Ideal for applications where pipework is not possible

  • Wide range of colours & finishes including Anolok

  • Built in safety features prevent over heating

  • Quiet EC/DC cross flow fans

  • Quick and simple to install

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