Introducing the SPC Modulo

Modulo is a touch screen controller for use with Fan Assisted Heaters. Simple to install and use, it delivers energy efficiency and comfort in one stylish solution.

Modulo can be combined with a wide range of our HVAC options including our: Belgravia Fan Convectors, Powered Trench Units, Electric Trench Units and Air Curtains.

Because Modulo is easy to use and program it is ideal in a wide range of commercial applications including offices, schools, churches, leisure facilities and more. Modulo is suitable for commercial heating applications which do not operate a Building Management System.

Energy Efficiency at your fingertips

Modulo is specifically designed for use with our range of fan assisted heaters featuring EC/DC fans. Using 0 to 10 volt analogue signals it controls the electric motors within fan-assisted heaters. The controller varies fan speed in response to the difference between the actual temperature and the desired temperature, increasing the fan speed to raise the temperature, shutting the fan off when the desired temperature is reached and reducing the speed when necessary.

The graph demonstrates how variable fan speed, controls the temperature within pre-set parameters.

Modulo Modes for Heating Management

Modulo features three different modes, each of which you can program to your own chosen temperatures.

Eco Mode - for energy saving or when the room needs less heat.

Regular Mode - for use when the room is at it's normal occupancy and you want a base level of comfort. Our guide temperature is 21 degrees but you can choose your own.

Comfort Mode - use when you want a higher temperature, As with all modes you can choose what that higher temperature is.

Automatic modes can be overridden at the touch of the screen, making Modulo a reliable yet flexible heating control in commercial settings.

Why choose the Modulo Touchscreen Controller?

  • Fully programmable timeclock

  • Energy saving fan speed control

  • Automatic thermostatic control or manual control

  • Easy to read touch screen display

  • Eco, Regular or Comfort Modes

  • Designed for commercial application

  • Quick and simple to install

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