SPC design and manufacture condenser and DX (evaporator) coils to suit commonly used refrigerants: R410a, R134a, R407c and R32a etc.

Refrigerant coils terminate in plain copper tails sized to suit the capacity and number of circuits.

The 45mm flanged casings suit general ductwork applications. The flanges are supplied pre-drilled to aid installation. For ‘standard’ cased cooling coils, the drain pan covers the fin block only.

The 50mm flanged casing suits ductwork applications. They are complete with cover boxes over headers and return bends to minimise air leakage. Welded and sealed cover boxes can be provided to further reduce air leakage. Drain pans on cooling coils extend under the headers and bends.

Unitary casing suits insertion into AHU or similar. It is complete with a baffle plate which is required to prevent air bypass to one or both faces. For cooling coils the drain pan extends under headers and bends. Alternatively a perforated base is provided to allow drainage into a pan in the base of the AHU.

Coils find employment whenever there is a requirement to heat, cool or dehumidify air. HVAC applications include original equipment manufacturers who place our coils at the heart of their air-handling units, fan coils, air curtains, laundry equipment, and VAV boxes.

SPC’s coils are also commonly found within the ductwork or the central plant room of shopping malls, offices, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and clean rooms. Others perform key functions within industrial processes such as drying, blast freezing, and material temperature control.






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