Thermatile TEN

The Thermatile TWELVE is the preferred solution when panels need to be longer than 3.6 metres. Two or more modules can be joined together using flexible hoses with the option for longer runs. The Thermatile TWELVE uses the same quality double skin 5.5mm facia as the Thermatile TEN, offering the most rigid panel on the market.






Thermatile TWELVE radiant ceiling panels have no fixed sidewalls and a layer of high performance insulation across the whole upper surface, right up to the panel edges. This means that the amount of heat lost into the void is extremely small, with a high proportion of the heat output radiating into the room below.

When Thermatile TWELVE radiant ceiling panels are hung freely from the soffit, a plastic sidewall trim is attached to the edge of the panels to conceal the insulation. The plastic sidewall is a poor conductor of heat and ensures that the output is radiated from the bottom surface.

The installation of Thermatile TWELVE radiant ceiling panels into plasterboard ceiling is achieved by securing the unit with an easy to install ceiling frame. This option can also be used for anti-ligature using suitable fixings and screws, a system that has been designed so that no additional access panels are required.

Thermatile TWELVE radiant panels can also be wall mounted. They can be positioned flat against the wall or angled using a specially designed bracket. This angled bracket also comes with a ball guard to stop items becoming lodged between the panel and wall.

The Thermatile Sportsline is the perfect option for sports halls. Free hanging from the ceiling, its aluminium frame accommodates an integrated ball guard.

The SPC Gripple radiant panel suspension kit will offer many benefits including quick and easy installation, easy adjustment and discreet wire ropes, as well as a 5:1 weight safety factor for peace of mind.

The SPC control kit allows for accurate control of radiant panels within a specified zone or area. Each kit comprises 1 off of each of the following items and includes a 5 year warranty as standard.

  • Belimo rotary actuator
  • Belimo zone valve
  • SPC dual sensing digital thermostat
  • SPC black bulb temperature sensor

Manufacturers who test their radiant panels will be able to supply you with a BS EN 14037 certificate from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, the only test chamber in Europe certified to conduct this testing. The test determines the output of a panel that is 3m long and 600mm wide, in a free-hanging or open ceiling position.

This requirement should form part of any specification as it ensure correct heat outputs are obtained. Manufacturers using the BS EN 442 radiator test output will be reporting an incorrect output figure.