Water coils for heating and cooling consist of a matrix of copper tubes through which water flows. The tubes run back and forth between two end-plates in an arrangement that lets the air flow perpendicularly to the tubes.


The tubes pass through – and are attached to – a layered array of thin metal plates known as fins. The fins are also perpendicular to the tubes, which means they lie parallel to the direction of air flow. The air flows between them and energy either passes from the water via the tubes and fins to the air, or from the air via the fins and tubes to the water.

All SPC water coils are made at the onsite manufacturing facility where they are tested to a minimum of 22 bar g air under water.

The 25mm flanged casings suit general ductwork applications. The flanges are supplied pre-drilled to aid installation. ‘Economy’ casings offer a compact and economical solution for smaller duct mounted heating coils.

The 45mm flanged casings suit general ductwork applications. The flanges are supplied pre-drilled to aid installation. For ‘standard’ cased cooling coils, the drain pan covers the fin block only.

The 50mm flanged casing suits ductwork applications. They are complete with cover boxes over the headers and return bends to minimise air leakage. Welded and sealed cover boxes can be provided to further reduce air leakage. Drain pans on cooling coils extend under the headers and bends.

Casing to suit insertion into AHU or similar. Complete with baffle plates as required to prevent air bypass (one or both faces). Overall size can be tailored to suit requirements. For cooling coils, drain pan extends under headers and bends. Alternatively a perforated base can be provided to allow drainage into a pan in the base of the AHU.

Coils find employment whenever there is a requirement to heat, cool or dehumidify air. HVAC applications include original equipment manufacturers who place our coils at the heart of their air-handling units, fan coils, air curtains, laundry equipment, and VAV boxes.

SPC’s coils are also commonly found within the ductwork or the central plant room of shopping malls, offices, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and clean rooms. Others perform key functions within industrial processes such as drying, blast freezing, and material temperature control.







The following software is available:

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