SPC’s approach is simple, to improve the comfort of the indoor working environment. Our high quality products and excellent technical support give peace of mind to architects, engineers, contractors and end users alike.

Heating and cooling coils image

Heating and cooling coils

Coil heat exchangers for air heating/cooling, and heat recovery lie at the heart of HVAC systems and many other industrial processes. Heat transfer also lies at the heart of SPC.

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Trench Heating and Cooling image

Trench Heating and Cooling

Our trench heating units are available as either natural or fanned/powered convectors. Both units come in a large range of sizes to suit the requirements of most cast concrete or suspended floor applications.

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Air Curtains image

Air Curtains

Airdor door curtains and convectors deliver a powerful stream of warm air to reduce the flow of cold air that passes through open doors.

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