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NEW Online Coil Selector SPC Coil Software

Choose the right heating or cooling coil for the job. Instantly size and cost your chosen coil with the SPC Online Coil Selector.
Not only does this program speed up the selection of water, steam and refrigerant coils, but it tells you the size of the optimum heat exchanger for your design data. It also provides you with an accurate product cost.

The software also allows you to store and print all on-screen data as multiple selections and includes add-ons for generating data sheets in Microsoft Word, psychrometric data and fluid properties.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The latest version of the SPC Online Coil Selector allows you to output your coil selections to a BIM type catalogue file that you can import into Revit along with the relevant RFA coil file. This gives you a working model of all of the coils selected which you can then use in your BIM model.

You can download Revit files from within the Online Coil Selector.

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